Formula One Chiefs Rule Out Miami automobile race in 2019

Formula One Chiefs Rule Out Miami automobile race in 2019

Plans for an auto race in Miami next year are abandoned by Formula One chiefs, though they need still left open the chance of about to Florida in 2020.

In a statement, Sean Bratches, manager of economic operations at Formula One, aforementioned that whereas “significant progress” in talks with varied Miami authorities had taken place, the negotiations had been “complicated”

While our preference will be for a race in Miami in 2019, at the same time providing the easiest wheel-to-wheel athletics expertise to our fans, drivers and groups will not be possible within the market, “Bratch Above.

“We have currently reached that time as so much as athletics in Miami in 2019 worries.

Nevertheless, he added: “However, we have a tendency to area unit taking a long read and as a result, we’ve got set, in consultation with the Miami authorities, to set back sign-off till later within the summer, with the aim of running the primary Formula One Miami auto race within the 2020 season.”

While it remains globally common, F1 remains to make an attempt to form its presence felt within America wherever the native IndyCar and NASCAR machine series retain an outsized following.

This year’s America auto race takes place in the state capital on Gregorian calendar month twenty one.


  • Formula One has abandoned plans to carry an automobile race in Miami in October 2019 and has instead delayed the race’s meant debut till the subsequent year.


A statement from F1 industrial boss Sean Bratches aforementioned time had run out “to deliver the simplest doable wheel-to-wheel sports experience” in 2019.

He aforementioned negotiations were “complicated” however that plans for the race had created “significant progress”.

The decision to prorogue had been created with the Miami authorities, he said.

Bratches aforementioned Formula One was “committed to growth within the US and to Miami in particular”.

Formula One hopes to feature races in what they decide “landmark cities” on the east and geographic region to the present US auto race at the Circuit of America in Austin, Texas, that has been controlled since 2012.

The statement aforementioned discussions over the track layout, that is within the downtown and port areas, were central to the delay.

Bratches aforementioned that Formula One wished to “deliver the simplest doable race”, adding: “If that meant waiting till 2020, then that was much more desirable than linguistic communication off on a sub-optimal race track, simply to try to a deal.”