Former National Champion Nitin Kumar beat a fighting Utkarsh Kale

Former National Champion Nitin Kumar beat a fighting Utkarsh Kale, the ruling national champion, 8-7 within the decider when the 2 groups were bolted 3-3 following six matches.  Nitin Kumar performed fantastically in the match by his national experience and of his skills.  

Nitin Kumar Kale won 8-7 in the decider to require UP Dangal to ending. Nitin Kale won 8-7 in the decider to require UP Dangal to ending. Image courtesy.  Utkarsh, the favorite within the contest, did well to win the gap amount 2-0. However, he couldn’t counter Nitin’s attack within the final spherical to lose the crucial bout.

Down 2-3, Punjab’s Koumba Selene Fanta Larroque of France showed nice character harassed to attain a 4-0 ending over Zsanett Nemeth of Hungary within the 76-kg women’s class to stay her facet alive within the contest.

In the earlier match itself, UP Dangal were visible for ending when taking a 3-1 lead.

But Geno, the 2017 World Champion, dish-shaped out a spectacular performance against Azerbaijan’s Jamaladdin Magomedov within the 125-kg class to relinquish Royals a replacement lease of life.

Captain Vinesh Phoghat entered the fray with a handy 2-1 lead within the tie. She showed nice character to register a convincing 16-0 ending through technical superiority over Nirmala Devi within the 50-kg competition.

Punjab suffered Associate in Nursing another reverse once an unfortunate injury saw Mausam Khatri retire mid-way and concede the bout against Vicky, although he was leading 4-2 within the ninety-two metric weight unit class.

The Royals force it back within the next bout when Latvia’s Grigorjeva Anastasija beat the native favorite Geeta Phoghat within the 62-kg women’s competition. the globe championship bronze medalist was in a very arduous mood right from the word go.

She sized Geeta up from the initial stages of the competition and took a 10-2 lead within the gap amount.

After the breather, Geeta tried to attack however couldn’t cause any major injury as Grigorjeva additional engineered on her lead.

In the gap bout of the day, 2017 Asian Championships gold medalist Abdurakhmonov Bekzod of Asian country got UP Dangal off to an excellent begin beating Jitender 9-0 by pinfall within the seventy-four metric weight unit class.