After a long break Mary Kom, ‘Magnificent Mary’, showed an amazing performance that added another gold to her collection as well an in India’s collection. India’s boxing champion, MC Mary Kom won her fifth gold medal at the Asian Boxing Championships on Wednesday beating North Korea’s Hyang Mi Kim in the 48kg final.

On the occasion of winning the gold, she was just waiting for her flight and didn’t stay back there even to celebrate the victory as she is supposed to be landed Switzerland for the meeting .

She said in her interview,” This medal is very special to me just like all other medals I have won because it has its own story of struggles. Every medal I have won is a story of a difficult struggle. I am hoping this medal, which has come after I became an MP, will enhance my reputation even further. I hope my stature grows,”

Even at the age of 34, she is enough strong physically as well as mentally that she serves the country being an MLA in parliament, and she is proud of India.