Cristiano Ronaldo won Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year Award 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo won Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year Award 2017. He had already won the same award 3 times before .

Cristiano Ronaldo won Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year Award 2017. He had already won the same award 3 times before to it and its the fourth time that he wins this award within the last 5 years. For this award, Leon Messi was the first runner-up and Neymar was at the 3rd position.

After winning the Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year Award Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to all his fans . Cristiano Ronaldo said,”Thank you for voting for me.

I want to mention Leo and Neymar for being here. I want to thank Real Madrid for their support me whole year.

This is a great moment for me. Thank you to all my fans all over the world. I’m so happy, thank you very much and have a good night.”


PLAYERS                                                                 COUNTRY             Image result for Neymar PICS

Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang                                          Borussia Dortmund

Gianluigi Buffon                                                               Juventus

Leonardo Bonnucci                                                         Juventus/AC Milan

Cristiano Ronaldo                                                            Real Madrid

                           Antoine Griezmann                                                          Atletico Madrid

                           Dani Carvajal                                                                    Real Madrid

                           Paulo Dybala                                                                    Juventus

                           Eden Hazard                                                                     Chelsea

                          Andres Iniesta                                                                  Barcelona

                         Zlatan Ibrahimovic                                                            Manchester United

                         N’Golo Kante                                                                    Chelsea

                         Robert Lewandowski                                                       Bayern Munich

                         Harry Kane                                                                       Tottenham Hotspur

                        Toni Kroos                                                                        Real Madrid

                         Marcelo                                                                             Real Madrid

                        Luka Modric                                                                      Real Madrid

                        Lionel Messi                                                                     Barcelona

                       Manuel Neuer                                                                   Bayern Munich

                       Sergio Ramos                                                                   Real Madrid

                        Keylor Navas                                                                    Real Madrid

                        Neymar                                                                              Barcelona/PSG

                       Alexis Sanchez                                                                 Arsenal

                       Arturo Vidal                                                                      Bayern Munich

                       Luis Suarez                                                                       Barcelona