FIFA Under-17 World Cup

India will go to be host FIFA Under-17 (the biggest stage in youth football ) and join 23 top footballing It will be India’s first appearance at a FIFA U 17 World Cup, becoming the 18th Asian team to participate in the tournament, after Iraq in 2013.

India will be the 5th Asian country to host the FIFA U 17 World Cup, which will mean more editions of the tournament held in Asia than in any other continent. China hosted it in 1985, Japan in 1993, South Korea in 2007 and the United Arab Emirates in 2013.



Group A: India, USA, Ghana, Colombia
Group B: Paraguay, Mali, New Zealand, Turkey
Group C: Iran, Guinea, Germany, Costa Rica
Groud D: North Korea, Niger, Brazil, Spain
Group E: Honduras, Japan, New Caledonia, France
Group F: Iraq, Mexico, Chile, England


Top two teams from each group and four best third-placed teams qualify for the Round of 16. It followed by the quarterfinals, semi-finals, third-place playoff and the final.



Oct 6: Group A: The USA vs India (8 pm), Colombia vs Ghana (5 pm)
Group B: New Zealand vs Turkey (5 pm), Paraguay vs Mali (8 pm)
Group F: Chile vs England (5 pm), Iraq vs Mexico (8 pm)

Oct 7:  Group C: Germany vs Costa Rica (5 pm), Iran vs Guinea (8 pm)
Group D: Brazil vs Spain (5 pm), North Korea vs Niger (8 pm)

Oct 8: Group E: New Caledonia vs France (5 pm), Honduras vs Japan (8 pm)

Oct 9: Group A: Ghana vs USA (5 pm), India vs Colombia (8 pm)
Group B: Turkey vs Mali (5 pm), Paraguay vs New Zealand (8 pm)
Group F: England vs Mexico (5 pm), Iraq vs Chile (8 pm)

Oct 10: Group C: Costa Rica vs Guinea (5 pm), Iran vs Germany (8 pm)
Group D: Spain vs Niger (5 pm), North Korea vs Brazil (8 pm)

Oct 11: Group E: France vs Japan (5 pm), Honduras vs New Caledonia (8 pm)

Oct 12: Group F: England vs Iraq (8 pm), Mexico vs Chile (8 pm)
Group A: Ghana vs India (8 pm), the USA vs Colombia (8 pm)
Group B: Turkey vs Paraguay (5 pm), Mali vs New Zealand (5 pm)

Oct 13: Group C: Costa Rica vs Iran (5 pm), Guinea vs Germany (5 pm)
Group D: Spain vs North Korea (8 pm), Niger vs Brazil (8 pm)

Oct 14: Group E: France vs Honduras (5 pm), Japan vs New Caledonia (5 pm)

Oct 15: Rest Day


(Round of 16, IST)

Oct 16: Runners-up Group A vs Runners-up Group C (Match 37)
Winner Group B vs Third Place Group A/C/D (Match 38)

Oct 17: Winner Group C vs Third Place Group A/B/F (Match 39)
Winner Group E vs Runners-up Group D (Match 40)
Winner Group F vs Runners-up Group E (Match 41)
Runners-up Group B vs Runners-up Group F (Match 42)

Oct 18: Winner Group A vs Third Place Group C/D/E (Match 43)
Winner Group D vs Third Place Group B/E/F (Match 44)

Oct 19-20: Rest Days


 (Finals, IST)

Oct 21 – Quarterfinals

Winner Match 43 vs Winner Match 42 (48)
Winner Match 38 vs Winner Match 41 (45)

Oct 22 – Quarterfinals

Winner Match 40 vs Winner Match 39 (47)
Winner Match 37 vs Winner Match 44 (46)

Oct 23-24: Rest Days

Oct 25 – Semifinals

Winner Match 46 vs Winner Match 45 (49)
Winner Match 48 vs Winner Match 47 (50)

Oct 28 – Podium Matches

Third-Place Playoff: Loser Match 49 vs Loser Match 50
Final: Winner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50